Grimm Christmas Tour

(Nov 26-Dec 30)

Come Experience Christmas as its celebrated in the Old World!  Come learn of the lost traditions of Christmas such as Zwarte Piet, Krampus, Perchta, and the legend of the Real St. Nick.  Hear spooky ghost stories, visit haunted places and experience Christmas as it is celebrated in the Old World only on the Grimm Christmas Tour.


 Some think it odd to have scary stories at Christmas, however this is due to some of the traditional roots being lost in America.  In England and many of the other old world countries tales of ghost stories are a large part of the Christmas tradition.  To make this point only think of the line in the song It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year where it says "There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmas long, long ago."  Come join us and experience the original roots of the Christmas Stories that is fun for the whole family!


Tour Available November 26-Dec 30.






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Paranormal Investigations

(All Year)

For those that getting close to a haunted building isn’t enough, and are dying to go inside, this is for you!  Are you ready to be a ghost hunter yourself, instead of watching someone else do it on TV?  Join us on an actual paranormal investigation where our experienced paranormal investigators will teach you techniques and let you experience firsthand what it’s like to be a ghost hunter. Bring your camera and a digital recorder because you never know what might show up.






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Fort Douglas Cemetery


Spend an evening learning the rich, vivid, and unique history of the Fort Douglas Military Cemetery. Hear tales spanning from the Civil War through the modern wars.  This jewel is full of stories of the famous and infamous buried at Fort Douglas Cemetery.  Learn about the Bear River Massacre, Crazy Horse, WW1 and WW2 prisoners of war,  the deaths from the Spanish Flu epidemic that killed 1/5 of the worlds population, the Salina Massacre and much more. *A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Fort Douglas Military Museum*   

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Old Town

Visit some of the oldest buildings in Salt Lake.  Learn where the Hoppity Lady roams looking for her lost husband.  Try to summon her yourself to see if she comes out!  Visit many locations on the 1.5 hour tour, including the First Mansion in Salt Lake, The Rio Grande Train Depot, The Largest Municipal Cemetery in the United States, The Old Washington Square and Historic City and County Building where jousting events occurred, treaties were signed, and is home to a few lost spirits!






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Outer Reaches (Spring-Fall)

Travel away from the heart of the city for 1.5 hours and visit the dark shadows of where Ted Bundy once inhabited, The Old Fort Douglas, The Premiere Gentile Gentlemen’s Club in the early history of Salt Lake City, The Old Haunted Library, The Hancock Mansion, and many more locations.







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SLC Cemetery (Seasonal)

Spend an evening learning the rich and vivid history of Utah and the Old West as you stroll through the largest municipal cemetery in the United States. Visit the actual final resting places of "The Destroying Angel" Porter Rockwell, the outlaws Jack Slade, and The Sundance Kid. Learn the real story of the legendary grave robber Jean Baptiste and his dismal fate. Hear of the legend behind EMO's Grave and many more! Come join us on a 1.5 hour adventure that the whole family will enjoy!


*This is a heart healthy tour, so bring your comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking involved*


Tour Available Spring-Fall




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Grimm Ghost Tours

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Child (5-12) $13 Online    $15 On-Site


Group Rates:

Group 5-9 Adults $23 Online   $24 On-Site

Group 10+ $20 Online    $22 On-Site

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*Custom Tours Available for Groups of 25+*







Paranormal Investigations

For up to date Ticket pricing on Paranormal Investigations please click HERE, then select Paranormal Investigations.


Ticket prices vary for the Paranormal Investigations.  The Ticket price is based on how much it costs us to rent the building.



GRIMM GHOST TOURS Where Life Ends and Ghosts Begin! Do Ghosts, Spirits, & Other Entities Exist? Are They Around Us Every Waking Moment? Are They Here To Help Or Hinder? We will take you to the locations of actual hauntings to let you decide for yourself. We will not merely take you on a history tour of the city but a fully interactive adventure where you can experience the most haunted places in town. We get off the bus at almost all the locations to get up close and personal. This will allow you to try some of the ghost hunting equipment provided and to take pictures. If you’re aching to go inside the buildings and get more intimate, we also offer Paranormal Investigations where you spend the whole time inside a haunted building at night, alone, and in the dark!
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